Celebrated the Day of National Significance July 26 in Barbados

Ofrenda Floral ante el monumento a los Martires de Barbados en Paynes Bay.
On July 26, the Cuban mission in Barbados developed several activities to commemorate the Day of National Rebellion. This celebration has special characteristics in Barbados since it is also a date of national commemoration of that country for the labor strikes that took place on that date in 1937, consequences of the crisis in the sugar global market after the great depression resulting from the collapse of the financial market. in 1929, strikes that began precisely in Cuba in the early 1930s and culminated there with the overthrow of the government of Gerardo Machado in 1933. For this reason, both dates are remembered annually in these acts, that of the Barbados workers' strikes. in 1937 and that of the assault on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes barracks in 1953, in Cuba. In both cases, these events were savagely repressed and led to the murder of many young people, but they were the beginning of struggles that did not end until independence was achieved in both cases, in Barbados, of colonialism, and in Cuba of neo-colonialism.

An act had been organized in the recently created Heroes Park, which could not be carried out due to the threat of Tropical Storm Gonzalo to Barbados, so the act changed to a special program on CBC-8 television channel. in which the Ambassador of Barbados to CARICOM, David Comissiong (organizer of the event on behalf of the Clement Payne Movement), the Ambassador of Cuba to Barbados, Sergio Jorge Pastrana, and the Minister of Culture of Barbados, the Honorable John KIng, spoke.. The program included a keynote speech by the Prime Minister of Barbados, the Honorable Mia Amor Mottley and speeches by the leaders of the two workers unions in Barbados, Senator Toni Moore, and Mrs. Delcia Burke, together with the participation of prominent Barbadian artists such as the Honorable His Excellency Anthony Mighty Gabby and the Praise Academy of Dance, along with the drums of the Israel Lovell Foundation.

For their part, Cuban collaborators, both from the Henry Reeve Brigade, and sports coaches, decided to organize, together with the diplomatic mission and representatives of Cuban residents and Barbadians graduates in Cuba, a brief but emotional and combative act in which the President of the Association of Cuban Residents, Yaima Payne, the Chief of the Henry Reeve Brigade, Dsymarelis Ortega and the Ambassador of Cuba, Sergio Jorge Pastrana, spoke.

After said brief act, a representation of the attendees moved to the Monument to the Martyrs of the Crime of Barbados in Paynes Bay, where as a conclusion of the commemoration, they deposited in that sacred Cuban corner in Barbados a floral offering in honor of all the martyrs of our Revolution.

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