Celebrated 59th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution in Iran

Tehran, January 1, 2018.-During the celebration for the 59th anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution, the Meeting of Cuban Residents in Iran was held, which was conducive to the exchange and strengthening of ties between the Cuban residents with the new members of the Cuban diplomatic Mission.
The meeting took place in an environment of fraternity, where it was possible to review the main events of the year that ended and set new goals for 2018.
In a second moment, a small but heartfelt activity was carried out, joined by the directors of the friendship groups and members of the diplomatic corps, among whom the representatives of the ALBA countries stood out.
At 12:00 noon the Ambassador, Alexis Bandrich Vega made a brief intervention in which he reviewed the most relevant events of politics, economy and society of our country in the first year of Revolution without the physical presence of the Commander in Boss. Ambassador Bandrich emphasized the optimism with which we entered in 2018; vital year for the consolidation of the Cuban socialist project, sustained by the unity of our people.
At the end, the cheers for Cuba, for Fidel, for Raúl and the Revolution were repeated.