Caravan "Bridges of Love" in the United States raises its voice against the blockade.

Washington D.C.; January 31, 2021 - About five hundred Cubans living in the United States and sympathizers with the island carried out this Sunday, January 31, a caravan in several cities of the northern nation.

Under the premise of building "Bridges of Love between Cuba and the United States", the caravan of bicycles and cars was held for the first time in four major cities: Miami, New York, Seattle and Los Angeles.

According to what some participants made known on social networks, the caravan became a space to demand the lifting of the blockade imposed on the largest of the Antilles.

The tour also served to pay homage to José Martí, on the 168th anniversary of his birth. At Coral Gables Park in Miami, the caravanistas placed a white rose on the bust of the Cuban Apostle that stands there.

In New York, the low temperatures and the traffic characteristic of that city, were not an impediment for about a hundred people to join the initiative, starting from a corner of Central Park.

Seattle, the largest city in the state of Washington, began its march after New York, at around noon (local time).

In Los Angeles, those gathered overcame rain and drove 25 miles with signs and slogans to the final rally point. From there, members of the solidarity movement with Cuba sent messages of support to the Cuban cause. 

With approximately one hour difference between each one for the start, the movement, which began in Miami in the early hours of the morning and ended in the city of Los Angeles, called for the unity of all Cuban-Americans to demand the end of the economic, commercial and financial siege imposed on the Caribbean nation.

Other initiatives also joined in from their homes. The renowned Cuban pianist living in Minnesota, Nachito Herrera, sent a message of support and solidarity in favor of unity between both peoples and the elimination of the blockade.

The video released by the composer also recalled that ¨America is one and Martí belongs to all¨, while he delighted the audience with the notes of the song La Victoria by Frank Fernández.

Sunday's journey of the ¨Puentes de Amor¨ Caravan contributes to the efforts of many to achieve the elimination of the blockade, which affects the Cuban family so much.

Cuban Embassy in Washington D.C.



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