Campaign in Sweden to reject the blockade imposed by United Satetes against Cuba

Campaign in Sweden to reject the blockade imposed by United Satetes against Cuba


Stockholm, March 27, 2021. On March 26 and 27, Cuban residents and solidarity friends belonging to various groups, raised their voices and carried out actions that joined the global campaign to denounce the economic, financial and commercial blockade against Cuba.

From the 26th, actions of members of the Friendship Association with Cuba were the preamble to this initiatives.  Large canvases demanding the cessation of the blockade were deployed at various points in Stockholm. Symbolically, at the highest point in the country located in Herjedalen, a Cuban flag waved in solidarity.

On Saturday the 27th, caravans of cars adorned with Cuban flags and banners rejecting the blockade; acts with statements of support; Stays in squares of different cities to make visible posters and banners denouncing the unjust policy against Cuba, and other activities, showed in different cities of Sweden, from the North to the South of the Scandinavian country, that in a cold climate the warmth of hearts is maintained that beat and support the just struggle of the Caribbean island.

Members of the Swedish-Cuban Friendship Association, concentrated in the main squares of the provinces of Gothenburg, Jönköping, Malmö and Växjö, where they arrived with banners rejecting the blockade and with Cuban flags to demonstrate their support for the Island.

 In the capital Stockholm, members of the organization of Cubans residing in Sweden "Cubans for Cuba", of the city affiliate of the Swedish-Cuban Friendship Association and of the Network of Solidarity with Latin America (RESOCAL), gathered in front of the House of Solidarity to demand the lifting of the hostile policy that has caused so much damage to the Cuban people. At the end of the event, a caravan of 13 cars traveled the main streets of this city, with Swedish and Cuban flags waving, with fabrics against the blockade, and stickers on their windows and doors that expressed their solidarity with Cuba.

As the culmination of this day, a representation of members of the different organizations came to the Cuban Embassy to show the support that the Cuban Revolution has. In the exchange, Ambassador Alba Soto Pimentel, accompanied by the collective of the diplomatic mission, conveyed the gratitude for the actions undertaken in these Days of the International Caravan against the Blockade against Cuba, while urging to continue carrying out the battle against the genocidal policy that has generated so much suffering and deficiencies in Cuban families.

With slogans of Down with the Blockade and Homeland or Death, he closed a simple and emotional activity, which showed that the small Caribbean island and the just cause it defends against the blockade, have the support of many friends in Sweden. Other actions will take place on Sunday, March 28, to close the day.

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