Call to the Convention of Radio and TV Cuba 2018

The Cuban Institute of Radio and Television Convention convenes the Radio and Television Cuba 2018, to be held between 6 and 9 June at the Convention Center Plaza America in Varadero.

This third edition takes up the signs, displays, sales and free presentations at its Expo-Feria Internacional, with the essential purpose of building a common area of ​​interest of the participants who work for television and radio media.

The scientific program takes as a guiding principle of historical memory and preservation of cultural heritage in the public radio and television, whereas in looking at our identities greatest strength for the creation and challenges in the global era imposed by transnational resides information and communication.

As in previous editions, features workshops, lectures and other activities on radio and television production, including the Meeting of the World Broadcasting Network and Channels in Defense of Humanity is included.

Encourage the participation of the filmmakers by rewarding those works best achieved from the point of view of their ethical and aesthetic values, it is also purpose of the Convention, for which this issue summons the Contest Alberto Luberta Noy Cuba - 2018.

The presence of an increasing number of participants from different geographic areas in previous events Radio and Television in our country, ensures that the Convention promises to be an essential space that will increasingly contribute to dialogue between all join us in finding again new routes in the work of public radio and television.

We wait for you,

Organizing Committee.


  • Cuban Institute of Radio and Television
  • Convention Center Plaza America


  • RTV Comercial
  • Cuban TV
  • Cuban Radio

Receptive agency



  • Ing. Alfonso Martinez Noya
  • Lic. Guillermo Pavón Pacheco
  • Lic. Yusimy González Herrera
  • Lic. Katiuska Men Cabrera
  • Msc. Diana Gonzalez Sarasa
  • Lic. Wendolyn Vela Ferrer
  • Msc. Liudmila Reyes Mendoza

professional organizer

  • Zulema Afa Domlinson
    Convention Center Plaza America