The blockade is strengthened: US sanctions British company for violating blockade on Cuba

New York, 15 April 2019. The United States announced that the Acteon Group, a British subsea service provider for the oil and gas industry, will have to pay 227,500 dollars for alleged violations of the blockade on Cuba.

As reported by the Department of the Treasury, its Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) reached an agreement for that amount with the company and several subsidiaries to 'settle the possible civil liability for seven apparent violations of the Cuban Assets Control Regulations (CACR).'

One of the subsidiaries of the company is 2H Offshore Engineering Ltd., also based in the United Kingdom and which has two subsidiary companies in Malaysia, collectively known as 2H KL.

According to the US federal entity, the sanction was imposed because   approximately from May 18, 2011 to October 18, 2012, 2H KL conducted engineering design analysis for oil well drilling projects in Cuban waters and sent its engineers to the Caribbean island to hold workshops in this regard.

The OFAC determined that 2H Offshore voluntarily revealed the apparent violations, and that these constitute a flagrant case, the Treasury Department added.

Washington persists in maintaining the economic, commercial and financial siege of almost 60 years against the Caribbean country despite the fact that several surveys have shown that the majority of the American population is against this policy.

This new measure also shows the extension of the extraterritorial nature of the United States blockade against Cuba and its growing impact on the international community, which mostly calls on the United Nations every year to put an end to this policy.

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