Barbados celebrates National Independence Day.

Heroes Square and Parliament

Long live the independence of Barbados! With the presence of the Diplomatic Corps the Cabinet, Parliament and special invited guests the Barbadians celebrated of the 54th anniversary of independence,

This celebration takes on a new meaning this year when the announcement was made that in the same date of 2021 Barbados will definitely be established as a Republic. Besides, this is also the year the Statue of Admiral Horatio Nelson, a symbol of slavery and colonialism, who had been presiding over that National Heroes Square for 200 years was finally decommissioned and sent to the museum.

The opportunity was conceived as a wonderful day of reflection through the recognition of those essential workers who guaranteed the continuity and viability of the country under the stress of the pandemic and the results in the containment of the worst challenges under the leadership of the Honourable Prime Minister, Mia Amor Mottley. Among them and recognized in the short film edited for the occasion, the brother and sisters Cuban nurses of the Henry Reeve Brigade in Barbados.

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