Barbados and Cuba host friendly football series.

Sponsored by the International Federation of Football Amateur (FIFA), the football teams of Barbados and Cuba made a friendly two-game series of preparation, on August 26 and 29, 2018. Cuban ambassador, Francisco Fernández, the head of the sports delegation, Miguel Fuentes Quiala, and the Barbadian directors who are members of the FIFA´s Caribbean chapter of FIFA participated as guests at the opening ceremony. Although the balance was favorable for the Cuban squad (with a 2-0 victory and a scoreless draw), the event served to measure the efficiency of both groups in the current stage of this Olympic cycle.

Held in the field of the Wildey stadium, both games had live coverage of both the written and television press and a favorable impact of the specialized critics in the local media, given the youth of the participants of the two cast, in full training. The tournament was also a reason for mobilization for the Cuban state mission staff and coaches working in Barbados as well as the community of Cubans residents, whose representatives attended the stadium on both dates to encourage their team and celebrate the friendly matches.

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