Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia and the tourism towards Cuba

Cuba expects the arrival of 4 million 700 thousand tourists by the end of this year. By 2018 it is expected to reach the five million visitors.

Every time the number of people choosing the Island as a tourist destination is bigger and, corresponding to this, the amount of available rooms for the stay in the hotel chains and the accommodations in “casas particulares” (B&B) has been increased.

The mild climate and nature, security and Cubans´ hospitality can be highlighted among the charms of the Caribbean country to attract tourism. The Island has rich traditions and cultural and historical places which have been awarded the World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Hotel construction, renovation of facilities, and development of building projects associated with golf courses and the launch of two theme parks are prioritized, considering the forecast of continuous growth of tourism towards Cuba.

In such a setting, Austria occupies the 27th place as outbound tourism country to Cuba, whereas Croatia and Slovenia take positions 55 and 60 respectively. It is significant the growing trend of Croatian and Slovenian tourists. Comparing year 2017 to year 2016, it is observed an increase of 170% in the case of Croatia and the 150 % of Slovenia.

Certainly, Cuba is an increasingly more attractive tourist destination. We invite you to visit the Island assuring you a happy stay for you, your family, and friends for holidays, event tourism, educational tourism or even health tourism where you may confirm high professionalism, human values and hospitality in addition to the beauties of Havana and the rest of Cuban provinces.

(EmbaCuba Austria)