Australia Cuba Friendship Society demands the end of the blockade in front of the US Consulate General in Perth

Canberra, July 2, 2019.- For the second time in a row, members of the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society (ACFS) met in front of the United States Consulate General in the city of Perth, to demand the end of the policy of blockade against Cuba, recently intensified with new unilateral measures by the Donald Trump´s administration .

The ACFS, which has representative branches throughout the Australian territory, reaffirmed at its thirty-sixth annual balance meeting held at the end of March, the commitment to continue supporting the Cuban people and the Cuban Revolution in solidarity with the hostile policy of The United States. On that occasion, they were accompanied by the ICAP(Cban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples) specialist for Asia and Oceania, Leima Martínez Freire, who thanked them and acknowledged their noble activism towards Cuba.

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