Australia-Cuba Friendship Society condemns the inclusion of Cuba in the list of countries "sponsors of terrorism"

Canberra, 15th January, 2021.- The Australia-Cuba Friendship Society (ACFS) issued a Statement on Friday condemning the unfair and arbitrary inclusion of Cuba by the outgoing United States administration in its unilateral list of countries allegedly sponsoring terrorism.

The document was signed by all the state affiliates composing the ACFS. The text highlights that Cuba has been for decades the victim of organised or promoted terrorism from US soil, resulting as the most scandalous event in that sense, the bombing of a Cuban plane in Barbados in 1976 killing 73 people on board, whose mastermind enjoyed the impunity granted by successive governments of the United States throughout his life.

The friends of Cuba also mentioned as a recent example, the armed attack committed last year against the Cuban Embassy in Washington on which there is still no position of rejection by the US authorities.

The Australia-Cuba Friendship Society concluded the document by reflecting that in the pandemic current situation, an attitude of solidarity between nations should prevail, in contrast to the blockade policy that continues to harden against Cuba to cause deprivation to the Cuban people.

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