Ambassador participates in the analysis meeting of the Cuban Medical Cooperation in Guyana

Cuban Ambassador to Guyana, Narciso Amador Socorro, participated in the analysis meeting of the Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC) in that country in 2017.  The head of the diplomatic mission congratulated the collaborators whose work has also been recognized by the Pan American Health Organization and Guyana's Ministry of Public Health. The BMC is made up of 196 professionals, 55 percent of whom are women. In 2017 the BMC cared for a total of 391,617 patients and saved 9,418 lives. During the meeting, representatives of Cuban medical cooperation and Embassy officials paid tribute to the National Hero José Martí and the leader of the Cuban Revolution Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, who inspired internationalism and educated generations of Cubans, always present. Thank you Fidel


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