Ambassador of Cuba in Sweden holds exchange with Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Ambassador of Cuba in Sweden holds exchange with Minister of Foreign Affairs.

In the context of her recent arrival in the country, the Cuban Ambassador to Sweden, Alba Soto Pimentel, held an exchange with Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde. Due to the hygienic-sanitary measures established by the pandemic, the usual courtesy meeting took place virtually.

During the exchange, the Swedish Foreign Minister positively assessed the current state of bilateral relations between Cuba and Sweden and addressed the usefulness of the Political Consultation Mechanism, the next round of which is scheduled to take place in the autumn of this year. He also made reference to the Swedish cooperation policy and its development towards Cuba, framed in the Memorandum of Understanding that governs the aforementioned consultations, and which has been in force since 2015.

For her part, the Ambassador confirmed her interest in continuing to strengthen and diversify bilateral relations based on their potential; He pointed out the importance of advancing in new areas of cooperation and offered information on the development of Cuban products in the biotechnology sector, including Cuban vaccine candidates.

He also addressed the issue of the increasingly tight economic, financial and commercial blockade of the United States against Cuba, and the inhumane consequences of its application in times of pandemic, as well as the forthcoming presentation at the UNGA once again, of the draft resolution. Cuban who denounces it and demands its uprising, for which Cuba hopes to count on the overwhelming and habitual international support. The Ambassador thanked the traditional support that Sweden, as a Member State of the European Union, has given to this Resolution.

The conversation showed the parties' interest in continuing to develop bilateral ties.

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