Ambassador of Cuba pays a working visit to Florida

The Ambassador of Cuba in Washington D.C., José Ramón Cabañas, paid a working visit to Florida on April 9- 10. 
The high-ranking official had the opportunity to meet with businesspersons from several companies with contracts in Cuba, in particular, with those from the transportation sector, which in 2017, transported more than one million passengers to the Island from the United States. 
Likewise, Ambassador Cabañas met with the Cuban Americans who are interested in the future of the bilateral relations and responded to questions about the Cuban election process and the consular services that the Embassy of Cuba in Washington D.C. continues to provide, despite of the fact that it does not have the sufficient staff to do so. 
José Ramón Cabañas reaffirmed the importance of this dialogue at times when increasing sectors are getting worried about the regress in the relationship between both countries. 

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