Ambassador of Cuba in Guyana presents his Letters of Credence

Embajador Cuba en Guyana presente cartas credenciales

Georgetown, January 31, 2018. In a solemn ceremony held at the State House, the President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, His Excellency Mr. David Arthur Granger, received the Letters of Credence  from the new Ambassador of Cuba, Narciso Reinaldo Amador Socorro.

In his words of welcome to the Ambassador,  President Granger said that Guyana remains firm in the position it assumed when establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba.  He said that  his country still holds firmly to that position, which it took 45 years ago. “Guyana’s stands in solidarity with the Government and people of Cuba in its resistance to economic aggression. We stand in support of the right of Cuba to determine its own destiny free from provocation and intimidation.

The Guyanese Head of State said that cooperation with Cuba  is of vital importance to advancing Guyana’s green agenda and overall economic development. He  pointed out that Cuba continues to provide a large number of scholarships in the fields of agriculture, engineering and medicine to Guyanese students and young professionals. Additionally, Cuban professionals, who work in the local healthcare system, continue to provide medical care and attention to Guyanese.

The Ambassador thanked President Granger for his words and affirmed that Cubans will always remember with gratitude the four nations of the Caribbean, including Guyana, that on December 8, 1972,   made the decision to establish diplomatic relations with Cuba, which was a fundamental step to break the diplomatic and commercial isolation against his country and he added that the Government and the Cuban people are deeply grateful to their Guyanese sisters and brothers for the permanent support to the resolution against the blockade to the United States to Cuba.



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