Ambassador of Cuba to Belize pays a courtesy call to the chief of the Belizean media.

Belize, March 21. 2017. Lissette Pérez, Cuba's Ambassador to Belize paid a courtesy call to the “The Reporter” newspapers main office located by the south off Belize City. Founded in 1967, “The Reporter” is considered the longest living in the written media of this sister nation that gained independence back in 1981.

The Ambassador was greeted by founder and Publisher Harry Lawrence at the newspaper headquarters. During the meeting, which also includes the paper Editor Alexis Milán, the executives thanked Cuba for all the support given to Belize health, and for "the contribution made by the late President Fidel Castro to the integration of the Caribbean as a region" and "the support to the Belize’s independence.”

"The Reporter" editorial policy, which Lawrence named it as a "family newspaper” has a weekly edition (like all print media in this country), with an average of 4500 copies, is focused to  internal issues, and includes of social development, sports and regional integration.

Ambassador Pérez thanked Lawrence for his words and provided extensive information on Cuba's current social and economical development in the context of integration processes in the region, in particular CELAC and ACS.

On the latter, the Cuban diplomat explained the results of the Ministerial held recently in Havana and some of the projects underway during the Cuban presidency of ACS.  Perez also remarked the Cuban-CARICOM relationship and the importance that Cuba attaches to this link "with our natural brothers and sisters”.

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