Ambassador of Cuba in Azerbaijan dictates conference at University of Tourism

Alfredo Nieves Portuondo

The development of Tourism in Cuba was the subject of a special conference given by the Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in Azerbaijan, Alfredo Nieves Portuondo, at the State University of Tourism of this Caucasian nation.

In the dissertation, the diplomat described as very important what his nation achieved in this sphere and stressed that the Cuban destination is appreciated in the whole world for the comfort of its hotels, the beauty of its beaches, its landscapes and citizen security.

He also explained that the tourism product is distinguished by its historical, social and cultural values.

The ambassador said that Cuba expects to receive more than five million international visitors in 2019, which represents a growth of 7.4%.

On the other hand, Nieves Portuondo stressed that little by little the Azeri market is growing and that at the end of March and compared to 2018 it has reached 253.06 percent. He stressed that there are many young people who have traveled to the island in recent months.

A special moment of the conference was dedicated to the celebration in Cuba of the 500 years of Havana and the activities that will be held in Baku for such a significant celebration.

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