ALBA-TCP Political Council debates over political situation in Latin America and the Caribbean

CUBA, December 14, 2017. - The 16th ALBA-TCP Political Council taking place in Havana will address issues of the Latin American and the Caribbean political situation, as well as others of common interest for member and guest countries, Director General for Latin America and the Caribbean Eugenio Martínez confirmed in statements for the press.

Martínez said that “the harassment and international media campaign against Venezuela will surely be condemned”. Likewise, he stated that in pursuit of strengthening cooperation mechanisms to mitigate the effects of natural disasters the debates will also refer to the recent ones which severely affected some countries of this regional bloc.”

Also as part of the work agenda, the ALBA-TCP executive secretary David Choquehuanca will submit the draft theme plan for the 2018 Political Council.

The executive of the Cuban Foreign Ministry highlighted that in the framework of the 13th anniversary of ALBA the achievements and challenges for the member countries will be reviewed.

The necessity to reinforce and revitalize the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) as a genuine unifying political forum of the region will be approached.

During the session the Council will adopt a final declaration on various topics of interest.

The event is attended by 8 ministers, various vice-ministers and secretaries general, senators and high representatives of the ALBA-TCP member and guest  countries.

The Political Council is the counseling body of the Alliance Presidential Council for topics of international politics and foreign relations. (Cubaminrex)