After two months of work, the Cuban Nurses of the Henry Reeve Brigade in Barbados witness a high level of recognition in that country.

¨Sin quitarse el polvo del camino...¨ la Brigada Médica Henry Reeve de enfermería visita el Monumento a las Víctimas del Crimen de Barbados.

The Barbados Today newspaper published in its June 11 edition an interview conducted by the journalist Marlon Madden with Ambassador Sergio Jorge Pastrana on the work of the nurses of the Henry Reeve Brigade that has been in Barbados since April 5 to face the threat of COVID-19 and in general on the bilateral collaboration between Cuba and the Caribbean.

It was revealed that the team made up of 95 women and six men has found excellent working and stay conditions in the country and they have been able to integrate very effectively into the health care system designed to face the pandemic.

The interview shows the reception they have received in Barbados by the population, health personnel and patients and the wide possibilities of cooperation between Cuba and Barbados in this and other fields.

The Hospital built in record time of 30 days at Harrison Point, St Lucy, north of the Island of Barbados, has state-of-the-art conditions for the care of patients in intensive and intermediate care, and it was inaugurated on April 19 , Victory Day of Girón, by the Cuban nurses attending to the first COVID-19 patients who required intensive care.

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