Achievements of a country blocked

The literacy campaign of 1961
The literacy campaign of 1961 was an inspired approach to improving educational levels among the relatively large proportion of the Cuban population that was illiterate in 1959. It was carried out with highly motivated volunteers. In a short time, literacy rates improved enormously.

 The reorganization of the health sector
Cuba managed to reorganize its medical system to provide universal access to health services and achieved excellent results in relation to the resources it could dedicate to this sector. As a result, Cuba's indicators in that field improved rapidly and remain among the best in Latin America.

Redesign of the education system
The reorganization and expansion of the education system in Cuba in the early 1960s also made education universally accessible and increased investment in people (human capital). As a result, Cuba went from 5th place in Latin America in literacy and enrollment in 1970 to 1st in 2007, a considerable achievement of the Cuban Revolution.

Rapid expansion of the tourism sector
As a result of the economic crisis and the genocidal block imposed on Cuba by the government of the United States, the Revolutionary government decided to obtain foreign currency through the expansion of the tourism sector. This required a massive investment by Cuban and foreign companies and the rapid displacement of resources to the sector. This was done and in this way Cuba has become a tourist attraction for millions of people around the world.

Provision of medical services to Latin America and other countries
At the end of the 1990s, Cuba had a large group of medical personnel, with doctors and nurses. This army of white coats became an important humanitarian asset, with the provision of Cuban medical assistance to many countries in need and the expansion of the Latin American School of Medicine in the outskirts of Havana.

Establishment of the "Scientific Pole" and development of the biotechnological sector
 The "Scientific Pole" has built a professional and institutional base for future success in the pharmaceutical and other scientific areas. The international achievements of Cuban researchers and scientists in the development of vaccines and other narcotics are remarkable.

 Successful collaboration with foreign companies
Cuba opened to direct foreign investment in joint venture agreements with state firms. This has given good results, it allows to improve the economic indices of the country, it also generates new jobs for its citizens. The special zone of commercial development in Mariel is proof of this.

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