71 UNGA: Cuba at the Fifth Committee vs. the US Embargo

Despite the obstacles faced by Cuba as a developing country, we remain fully committed to multilateralism. This is manifested not only in our active involvement in the works of the United Nations, but also in our political will to meet financial responsibilities.

However, such political will is hampered by the economic, financial and commercial Embargo imposed by the United States against Cuba.

Although today, after little more than a year from the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between our countries, some progress has been achieved in terms of bilateral relations, mainly in diplomatic affairs, dialogue and cooperation on issues of common interest, the reality is that the Embargo remains in force. It continues to cause damage and hardship to the Cuban people, as well as to hamper the economic functioning and relations with other countries. Although positive, the executive measures adopted by the government of the United States are not sufficient.

Few of you imagine the number of obstacles owing to the Embargo that we have been forced to overcome in order to make effective our contribution to the United Nations this year, in spite of having the resources to do so. (Main session of the Fifth Committee on item: “Improving the financial situation of the United Nations”)