52nd Anniversary of the fall of Che Guevara “The Heroic Guerrilla man”

Pretoria, 8th October, 2019.- Today marks 52 years of the physical disappearance of Ernesto "Che" Guevara de La Serna, known worldwide as The Heroic Guerrilla man. He was a physician, a writer, a diplomat, an internationalist and an exceptional revolutionary.

During Cuba’s liberation war in the 1950s, he was one of the most prominent guerrilla fighters who, led by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, led to the triumph of the Cuban Revolution on January 1, 1959. He carried out various important responsibilities in the revolutionary government. Then he went to other lands in Africa and Latin America to fight for the liberation of other peoples.

In addition to guerrilla actions, he stood out in revolutionary theory. His contribution in that regard is extremely valuable. He bequeathed us numerous essays, articles and speeches, full of revolutionary, pedagogical and human content.

In his daily behavior, Che always led by example. His industriousness, modesty, ethics, austerity, constant concern for self-improvement, his self-critical spirit, made him the archetype of the "New Man."

Those who killed him, by order of the CIA, failed to believe that with their physical elimination they would deal a fatal blow to the international revolutionary movement. The imperialists believed him dead in La Higuera, but they immortalized him. They could not and cannot obliterate his presence from our peoples’ memory. On the contrary, the example of the heroic guerrilla is more valid than ever.

Like Commander in Chief Fidel Castro stated: “If we want to follow the example of a man, of a man who did not belong to these times--an example of the man of the future, I wholeheartedly say that this man, without a single stain on his conduct, attitude, and actions, that example of man, is Che.  If we could choose how we would like our children

to be, then, we must wholeheartedly, and with revolutionary spirit. Say that we want them to be like Che!”

In today's world, riddled by constant threats to international peace and security by powerful interests of domination and conquest, revolutionaries and progressives across the planet will continue to honor the example of Che, who until the last breath remained faithful to his sacred slogan: Until Victory Forever!

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