50 years without Che ... Tribute to the Guerrilla Fighter in Cairo

50 years after Che's death, the Cuban Embassy in Egypt paid homage to the Heroic Guerrilla Fighter on October 14 in Cairo with the collaboration of the Egypt- Latin America and Egypt-Cuba Friendship Associations, the Syndicate of Journalists of Egypt and the Al-Ahram newspaper.The validity of Che's legacy and his ties to the Arab nation from his visits to Egypt in 1959 and 1965 were the focus of the speeches made by some of the personalities participating in the event.

Among the speeches, anecdotes, Egyptian patriotic songs and the screening of the documentary "Viva Guevara", the remembrance day was held at the Syndicate of Journalists of the Egyptian capital, attended by students, journalists, intellectuals, members of the diplomatic corps and Cubans residing in the country.

Among the personalities attending the event were the Honorary Founder of the Egypt-Cuba Friendship Association Nehad Askalani and the president of the Syndicate of Journalists of Egypt Abdel Mohsen Salama, who reaffirmed that Che is a leader, a world class example that still influences young Egyptians today.